if only

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

i could be so much more effective, know much more, study harder, be a better person, etc.

if only i could find the motivation. mr motivation, where are you? why am i so emo? EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO EMOE MOE MOEMOEMOEMOEMEOMEOMFOMEsaojfjdfajsdfjjafuck.

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October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Right now, for no reason in particular, I’m glad to be alive. Perhaps a misguided neuron accidently hit a pleasant nerve. The future is atractive.

Maybe it’s that tomorrow is what I make of it. Life is malleable. Destiny is not determined by intelligence, social class, the past, or even the present. I’m excited to write the next several chapters of my life. I hope they’re much brighter, bloodstained, dirtier, richer, torn, and taped back together than the past.

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sorry girls… the better cole is now taken

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment

wipe up those tears girls, stalk someone else’s facebook, and stop listening to those dozens of secretly recorded worship sets, the older cole is no longer a prospect.

without a minutiae of bias this was definitely one of the best weddings ever. the best part? finishing the ceremony with the star wars theme. genius. second best part? after party! jazz band, check. full bar, check. dancing, check. photo booth, check.

here are some pictures. credits go to a bunch of people, but the first picture and all the post processing were done by myself.

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